Friday, 22 November 2013

Is November too soon?

Are you getting festive yet?
I am!
I've already done so much Christmas shopping, wrapped pressies,  have got up a wreath and am currently online buying more Christmas albums!
Is November too soon to start getting in the spirit?
I think NOT! (clearly!)

Decorating the office Christmas tree

Wrapping pressies!

Home already looking festive!

Welcome to Americana...

It's a friend's 40th  this weekend and I'm making the cupcakes. 
As it is Americana themed I've been preparing some decor and props for my cupcakes...
Will add pics and recipes as soon as I've baked them all up!

Happy Friday!

Friday, 15 November 2013

Anthology Pop Up

Durbanites, if you haven't already been there, then take a swing past Windermere Centre to explore the gorgeous new pop up shop, Anthology.

Occupying the space of the previous Food Lovers Market you'll find a light, airy, spacious pop up shop selling a collection of carefully curated items, from gorgeous 'pre-loved' clothing to inspiring art and tasty macaroons. 

The vibe is relaxed yet sophisticated, the clothing old and new, the decor fresh and clean and the art is seriously cool. (I've got my eye on this flamingo piece that I'm just begging to bring home...)

The store will be open until January so be sure to swing past before it moves on.

Monday, 4 November 2013

Halloween kisses

Halloween, although big in the states, is hardly a big deal in South Africa.

However, pretty much everyone I know loves to dress up, so Halloween gets her fair share of celebrating, despite that fact that you won't see pumpkins or skeletons decorating any lawns. It's actually mainly the dressing up that we partake in, and that's about it. (Some kids trick or treat but they have to visit quite a few houses as many folk forget to buy sweets as the shops here don't make a fuss over halloween candy)

This year we headed to a friend's beach cottage down in Umzumbe for a  little shindig. I didn't take too many pics, but I did instagram a few...

I baked a batch of angry spider cupcakes

we may not have pumpkins but we do have oranges...

Day of the dead, pocahontas and a hobo
ghostly decor

The Boyfriend and I

and of course I had to make my nails halloween appropriate