Friday, 7 February 2014

We're all mad here...

My family are a bunch of nutters so when we decided we needed to have a family photo shoot (because all our pics are always missing at least one person - the one taking the photo) the most 'sensible' theme was a mad hatters tea party.

Raining Marshmallows!

We had absolutely zero inclination towards a typical blue jeans, white t-shirt, soft smiles on the beach shoot, because that's just not us.

Derryn Semple took some photos of Dane and I a while back (see them here & here) and we knew she was the perfect lady for the job.

Derryn beautifully captured the fun yet silly side of my family and let us misbehave while she was shooting. (And just like before, her humour and relaxed attitude made it easy for everyone to forget their nerves in front of the camera and just have fun!)

CUPcake anyone?

Spot of tea dears?


My gorgeous sister
 More pics from the shoot here.

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Hello Deer...

A friend recently got her ears pierced and has started needing somewhere small to keep all her earrings so I thought I'd make her a special little dish to store them in.

For this I needed:
Heart shaped dish (I got mine from here)
Children's plastic animal (any toy shop)
Spray Paint
Super Glue

Firstly I spray painted my little deer a bright gold.  (Actually The Boyfriend helped as he got very excited when I brought home spray paint. There's just something about it isn't there?)
Once my golden deer was properly dry, we just super glued him in place and ta-da. Very simple yet very cute jewellery dish!

The thing with DIY is that it need not necessarily be hard. This took minutes (and drying time) but is far prettier than a plain dish or a ring holder dish from the local stores.

Monday, 3 February 2014

Marshmallow Flowers

Looking for an easy-peasy way to decorate your cupcakes? 

I added a touch of fun to these cupcakes by simply using marshmallows to make flowers.

Firstly ice your cupcake. Then cut your marshmallow into thin petals. I managed to cut marshmallows into 4, sometimes 5, slivers.  The slivers are then super sticky so I dropped them into sugar crystals which stuck easily, just to give them a sparkly look.

Assemble marshmallow petals around a jelly tot on your cupcake, and voila, a flower!

How fabulously easy!