Friday, 8 February 2013

Happy Weekend!

Jacket - Gifted, Gloves - A very lucky find in a boutique in Livigno, Bag - Jimmy Choo, Jeans - Jay Jays,

Happy Friday and here's to an awesome weekend ahead.
Being our first weekend back from holiday, The Boyfriend and I have a few things we have to do:
1) Relax and hit the beach
2) Washing up
3) Getting to all those things I meant to do but put off because we were going on holiday (like spray painting my photos frames)

This pic was taken outside our spot in Livigno. It really was so cold (-19 degrees) that layering was no longer about trending, but necessity! On this evening I really did not have enough layers on! (I was however excited to bring out my oxblood jeans - in SA it is so not cold enough yet so this was just the opportunity!)


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  2. Wow, looks super cold! Love the coat, you look lovely!

    Keep calm and carry lipstick.

  3. Great pic!!!