Thursday, 20 June 2013

Thrills, Grilles and high speed Skills (My first Top Gear!)

Denim Shirt-  Mr Price, Shorts -Woolworths, Bag - Gifted, Sunnies - Lundun

This year for the second year in a row, TOP GEAR (as in the British TV show) came to our fun little city of Durban for their Top Gear Live Festival. A weekend dedicated to fast cars, terrifying stunts, gravity defying bikes and everything else car related (as in speakers the size of small cars, tightly packed into the back of big cars. I still don’t quite understand this. Your ears bleed if the sound goes louder than soft. Why?)

Just a few Ferraris

Last year I had no interest in going. This year I had no interest in going. Cars aren’t really my passion. I drive one so I can get around. That’s why I have a car. If public transport was reliable in Durban I might even consider it over driving…

But, even with my clear disinterest in cars, The Boyfriend and I got offered tickets to the festival. And boy was I glad we went. What an experience!

The thrill of the stunt men drifting high speed vehicles within less than an inch of each other, the sound and smell of a Formula 1 car racing around the track just metres in front of us, the excitement of a bungee jumping car (yes this is Top Gear, expect ‘silly’ stunts too) and the awe of multiple motorbikes all flying through the air, their riders flicking their legs above their heads, was enough to convert me. I had so much fun. 
Just you know, doing a quick can-can while flying through the air...
I even got so into the spirit of it all that I became a groupie and had Formula 1 racer Antonio Felix da Costa sign my chest! ( I didn’t have an autograph pad or anything and well, I’ve always wanted to be like, 'OMG sign my chest!' Inner rock star groupie wannabe in me sneaking out there.)

OMG! Sign my chest! heehee!

I think this could suit me...

Everything is just, well, BIGGER!

The Moses Mabhida Stadium

I am a changed woman. If Top Gear comes again there is no way I am skipping it. If not for the cars, for the thrills. The adrenalin pumping, heart racing excitement is just what I love!

I LOVED watching these guys. The one man isn't even touching his bike!

Yes, its a bungee jumping car!

 p.s. Yes, we are right in the middle of winter! This week is the winter solstice and we are still in shorts and slops! I love my city! It seldom gets cold!


  1. Elisabeth Gringeri27 June 2013 at 16:55

    looks like you had lots of fun!!



  2. love that chambray shirt! can't wait to try styling my own :)


  3. Hi Rena, Tahnks for your kind words!
    I'd love to follow each other!

  4. Thanks Elisabeth - had such a good day!

  5. Thanks Cheri - this shirt has become a staple when i don't know what i feel like wearing...