Monday, 6 January 2014

Art Class Nailed

For new years I obviously wanted to paint my nails accordingly. But everything seemed done and somewhat bleh!
So I whipped out the old art books and drew inspiration from the masters. (How silly that I'd never thought to look to artists for artistic inspiration. In retrospect it seems like the most obvious direction and source of ideas)

Post-impressionism is an era of art that really appeals to me. Let me first be honest, I am no art curator. I'll definitely confuse Monet and Manet and couldn't name their works, but I am able to appreciate beautiful art. 

So, post-impressionism, often characterised by thick energetic brush strokes and bold colours is, for me, most often, a visual feast. It does not clearly depict the image but often allows the viewers to create their own impression.

Drawing from this I created my post-impressionism inspired firework nails. 

These were somewhat time consuming, especially as I only had one paint brush, but based on their thick strokes, were relatively easy to execute.

Unfortunately I didn't take step by step pics, but start with a deep dark blue base colour (I used essie midnight cami), then once dry, apply the colour strokes to each nail, then after that the silver strokes over and in between the colours , then the glitter layer and finally a thick top coat to seal in all your hard work. 

But why not rather let your inner artist out and do it whichever way feels right to you :o)


  1. Love the nails
    Post-impressionism is one of my favourite periods in art history. Loved Monet!

  2. These are cute!

    xo Ashley