Monday, 15 October 2012

Candy Coated

These nails made me think of sweets and candy and so are quite fitting for a build-up to Halloween (not that we really celebrate it in SA but I celebrate any and every occasion)

Stripes are really easy to do!
All you need is your base (stripes) colour, top colour and sticky tape.

First paint your nails with the colour that will be the stripes.
Once totally dry apply sticky tape in the pattern you’d like. My sticky tape was a bit thick so I tried to cut it thinner (note to self: find skinny tape. Cutting it is painful)

Then paint over the tape with your top colour.

Wait for this to dry completely before peeling off your tape.
As always, paint with a reliable top coat and you are ready to roll.

I sneakily did these at work so they were a little messy, as I had to paint layers between emails and phone calls (and typically, when your nails are wet there will be so much you have to do…)

sweets pics from here and here


  1. great post!! love it ;)

  2. Thanks Patricia! I love having fun with my nail colour :o)

  3. How cool!! What a great idea!! Love this!!

  4. Thanks Tami, normal tape can be so useful in making cool nail patterns! i can get so carried away sometimes. hehe.