Monday, 29 October 2012

Wrong Avenue

Cardigan - Truworths, Top - Woolies, Skirt - Mr Price, Shoes - Rage, Belt - Mr Price
On Friday night The Boyfriend took me out for a lovely fancy dinner but, in his excitement, booked us in at the wrong restaurant (oops). So as we arrived I started walking one way (towards the restaurant we had booked a table at), and him another (towards the restaurant he meant to book us into.) After his cursing and my hysterical laughter he sheepishly walked into 9th Avenue Bistro and explained to the manager that he had somehow got the restaurant names mixed up and booked us next door when he really wanted to dine in style at 9th Avenue Bistro. They were thankfully really accommodating about his mix up and manged to set us up a table within 15 minutes (even though they were quite fully booked - as is expected). 

If you're in Durbs and you've not yet been, do make a point to dine at the 9th Avenue Bistro. The food is incredible (expect dishes from rabbit to duck) the wine selection is top notch and the service is outstanding. It is no surprise that they have won multiple awards for being one of the top restaurants in SA.


  1. Glad you enjoyed you evening! - 9th Ave Bistro is also our favourite place for a special dinner!

  2. Nice look :)


  3. you look gorgeous ;)


  4. Love the cardigan!

    Stop by soon!

  5. Thanks. Yes, i am loving anything ombre at the moment...