Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Holiday Snaps (part 1)

Over the long weekend The Boyfriend and I packed our bags and boarded a plane to Cape Town. This trip was a mix of celebrating my birthday (yay), visiting my sister (even bigger yay), and just having a much needed short holiday.
My sister was a fabulous host and took us adventuring around Cape Town, from the super high end to the really quirky, and super tasty sides of the city…

Dane and I found ourselves with some time to spare so he spoiled me with oysters and crispy wine while watching the boats cruise by. What better way to ease into my birthday weekend! (I feel birthdays are too much fun to confine to just one day!)

El burro is a quirky Mexican restaurant, but unlike most Mexican spots, it is not dirty and oily. The food was delicious (we had build-your-own burritos) and the d├ęcor a visual feast… coupled with ice cold beers and the sunshine, it made for an afternoon well spent.

No trip to the cape is complete without a morning trip to the Biscuit Mill, where once again, we found ourselves eating! The biscuit mill sells some of the tastiest treats, brightest flowers, and an assortment of drinks that have you consuming more than you really should. Oh well, when I’m on holiday all healthy eating and wise food choices go on holiday too.

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