Monday, 17 September 2012

Royal Class

I have seen many of my favourite bloggers rocking the princess bun (such as Blair from Atlantic-Pacific) and proving it is no longer just for sweetheart ballerinas.

How to achieve the princess bun

You’ll need a men’s sock that you can cut. Because I have dark hair I went for a black sock. Blondes should probably go for white / beige.

 Cut the top of the sock off so it becomes more like a tube sock, then fold it until it resembles a scrunchie (Those nasty hair ties that were better left in the 80’s)

 Now with your hair in a ponytail, pull your pony through the sock, leaving the sock just at the end of your hair.

Roll the sock down, making the hair roll under and into itself. At first the hair might only be on one side, so just wiggle it all around the sock with each turn, making it cover the entire sock and starting to form the bun.

Keep turning until it gets down to your head. It should feel fairly snug and in place. 

 I accessorized with a little bow, and in an instant you’re ready to go.
Although this is super easy, it may take a few tries.
Have Fun!

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