Thursday, 6 September 2012


I love my city, and I especially love the mini version of it. 
I recall going to minitown as a child, my hand in my grandfather’s, as we strolled (read: me desperately trying to get Pere to run with me) through our town, admiring the city from Godzilla’s point of view. As an adult it is still as awesome. I couldn’t help but get excited as the boats cruise through the harbour, the planes taxi on the runway and the churches praise with songs of worship… 
The train stops, the bridge lifts, and the ship gets to pass through.

The aeroplanes taxiing along the runway.

The funfair, complete with circus, animals, rides, and carnival games.

A rather unfortunate collision between a Volksie and the streetlamp.
Thankfully an ambulance, fire engine and the police are all on hand to help.
Minitown - 114 Snell Parade, Beachfront, Durban - 031 337 7892

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